Huron Valley Schools

Huron Valley Schools, in partnership with our community, will provide excellence in learning for all students to positively shape the future. 

- Academic Excellence for All 
- Parent Support/Community 
- Expanded Opportunities for Student Growth 
- Accountability
Student achievement, providing a safe and effective learning environment, career preparation and accountability are the hallmarks of Huron Valley Schools. Test scores and graduation rates meet or exceed Oakland County averages and our academic, athletic and music programs continue to receive state and national recognition. Providing excellence in learning for all students to positively shape the future is woven into every aspect of the District’s services. Our Strategic Plan, developed by the community, guides the District in several key areas: assessment, safe environment, business partnerships, facilities, curriculum, technology, responsible citizenship, diversity, finance, communications and staff development.

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Huron Valley School District
Highland Township Schools

Heritage Elementary
219 Watkins Blvd

Highland, MI 48357

Highland Elementary
300 Livingston Road

Highland, MI 48357

Spring Mills Elementary
3150 Harvey Lake Road

Highland, MI 48356

Milford High School
2380 Milford Road

Highland, MI 48357

Huron Valley Schools Continuing Education 

The Huron Valley Schools Continuing Education Department is dedicated to promoting lifelong learning opportunities for residents of all ages. Through a variety of enrichment classes, members of the community can participate in opportunities in the following areas:

- Finance 
- Computer Skills 
- Leisure Interests (i.e., gardening and painting) 
- Fitness 
- Youth and Adult Recreation
The department also programs preschool and early childhood activities as well as a full Adult Education program.

Catalogs are mailed four (4) times per year. 
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call (248) 676- 8390  to receive current information.


Apollo Center Community Education
2029 N Milford Road

Highland, MI 48357 

 Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
 Phone: (248) 676-8390